an art writing project presenting a series of writings and narralogues engaging image and text in visual arts practice, exploring artists books, hypermedia, art writing and publishing, artists writing and publishing, text based art and other practices.

reading the library | artists' books and artworlds
on libraries and collecting artists' books
published by Eyeline

what are you rebelling against?
on text-based practices across artists' books and hypertext
presented at Mackay Artists Books Forum 2005

ways with words
on wordings, misreadings and saying it like it is
published by Eyeline

welcome … farewell … and everything in between
on Aboriginal artists, history and text-based art
published by Local Art

be offended, be very offended
on sedition, media, art and being very offended in the era of terrorism and fundamentalism
published in Sarai Reader 06: Turbulence (included in Documenta)

moments of uncertainty | fragments
on encounters with art writing and journalism ... Or, honey, if you've got nothing nice to say come right on over and sit next to me
blog posts and fragments published on artArt

placemarking | something happened here
on text-based public artworks - sign, writing and text in the city
published in The Material Poem edited by James Stuart

under sufferance
on artists books, materiality and representation
presented at the Mackay Artists Book Forum 2006

art writing | writing art
on art writing and art publishing
published in fineArt forum

finding criticism
on criticism and readerships for interdisciplinary practice
report and presentation for Hard Copy workshop, MediaState, Australian Network for Art & Technology / Adelaide Festival

a weblog for aggregating information, online resources, opportunities and other information about artist and arts publishing and writing

A weblog based catalogue of a personal, informal and accidental collection of arts and artist publications.

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

Funding for research and writing was made possible with a grant from the VACB Australia Council, the federal government arts funding body.

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